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Attempt at a Character Bio

I always thought a Character Bio was something that was written in comic books or for gamers but was asked to submit one for a writing sample. It was quite fun and new learning experience. I had to keep it under 160 characters but still learned alot about my own created character from my self-published novel.

“Whaaat?” At first I thought Harry was hard of hearing, because he had
to throw that word in every time we conversed.
“Waaat? Oh yeah, I never knew that store was there either.”
That’s why I avoid conversing with him. He heard me, because he would
say “whaaat?” and then respond to my statement.

Harold Krauss is the 70-something narcissistic, needy, boss of Listana Bello, the protagonist of my self-published novel Living in Dog Years.
He is the very kind of person Listina repels as a 30-year-old single self-destructive woman trying to deal with her suppressed high school bullying experiences.

Krauss repeatedly tries to break her shell, though making inappropriate comments and exploiting her position as an assistant (has her fetch him ice cream) Krauss turns out to be Listina’s savior as no other job would hold a sarcastic, sloth/drunk as an employee.

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