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My Emotion Panel: Part 1

I have to say I was growing tired of these Disney Pixars. Perhaps I am biased because I grew up with the fascinating animations that looked 3-D, like the very opening scene of Beauty and the Beast or the forest views from Pocahontas. Nothing compared to the lifelike graphics of Pixar, of course, but I […]

Maximum Voltage

“Experiencing breast cancer changed my thinking about a lot of things. I walked away with the determination not to leave anything in my life undone, not if I can help it.” -Rhonda Trull A fellow blogger and Word Presser reached out to me suggesting I read this book. I am in a lost time. A […]

Little Office of Horrors

This plant has caused quite a stir in my Office Space-like environment. This is the Audrey II. Not really. But it has gained itself the reputation of instilling bad luck to everyone since its owner left the office to work for another job.  The lawyer that inhabited the new vacancy decided the plant could stay […]