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He Knows Your Every Need

I’m in constant awe of how God knows what we need or what we will struggle with way before we do and how He uses people to comfort you or meet that need. Here’s two examples from this weekend: 1. I was reading an article about grief and how there’s things we start to forget. […]

When God Shatters Your Dreams…

1 year tomorrow. The day Layne asked me to spend forever with him. One of the happiest days of my life, but now I dread. All week I’ve been sick anticipating this day. You see when Layne died, I didn’t just lose him, but it seems like all my plans, hopes and dreams died along […]

Silent Thoughts

I find myself with soulful thoughts today sitting at my table, once again, at a holiday craft show. Today it is very festive with Christmas music. The setting is in a Catholic Church and my table is facing the stage where all the exquisite raffle prizes are displayed in baskets so elegantly designed. As I […]

More Than A 3 Day Weekend

When the memorial video came on today at church, I hurriedly grabbed my belongings and left my pew. As tears streamed down my face and blurred my vision as I left the church, I realized Memorial Day weekend would never be the same. It used to be a weekend to remember fallen soldiers and of […]