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Ovi(bae)do – Seguridad: (n) security

Seguridad: (n) security Oviedo is known as one of the safest cities in Europe. Well, that’s what someone on the internet told me before I got here, but so far it seems pretty valid. There have been maybe one or two times when I was the only visible person on a street. If you walk […]

Ovi(bae)do – Aislamiento: (n) isolation

Aislamiento: (n) isolation Let me be clear: I’m not saying that I’m lonely and have no friends and call my mom crying every night about how much I want to go home. Hopefully at this point in the post, it’s clear that I love my experience. However, when I first thought “summer in Europe,” I […]

Ovi(bae)do – Melocotón: (n) peach

Melocotón: (n) peach Peaches! Blueberries! Apples! Bananas! Asturias has them at half the price of what the grocery store I work for in Omaha calls a “good deal.” I’ve eaten a peach every single day since I’ve been here, and I’d wager a guess that a fourth of my daily caloric intake is in some […]