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Ovi(bae)do – Ama de casa: (n) housewife

Ama de casa: (n) housewife Each of the students in our program lives with a host family. I live in a cozy apartment with a 69-year-old woman named Rosa and her cat, Cuca*. Rosa doesn’t work, but spends her mornings and afternoons cleaning the house and resting and getting groceries and her evenings chatting with […]

Ovi(bae)do – Estudiar: (v) to study

Estudiar: (v) to study For some reason whenever people post study abroad blog posts, they only write about the abroad part: how their pants have mysteriously gotten tighter, the breathtaking landscape on the train from Paris to Amsterdam, the judgmental eyes that flash laser beams of hatred at them when they ignorantly try to order […]

Ovi(bae)do – Hogar: (n) home

Three weeks ago, I packed my bags and moved to Oviedo, Spain for the month of July. The short summary of my life here is this: I’m taking two classes at the Universidad de Oviedo and living with a host family. The long summary of my life is something I’ve been meaning to write since […]