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Coaster Phobic


I try and shake myself awake. These nightmares are few and far between but the beads of sweat dripping down my face and legs and…other places….is proof that I will wake soon…

I’ll have to wash my comforter again from all the sweat…its ok.  I just have to wake and I’ll worry about that in the morning. I just have to keep shaking violently, so much so that I bust a few capillaries.

It’s not working. I shake my head from side to side violently until my right cheek pierces with a splinter.

A splinter?

It is not a comforter I am immersed in…but a wooden contraption.

The pain is very real, the salt from the sweat drips into my mouth with a mixture of what is unmistakably blood.

This is unlike any claustrophobic nightmare I’ve ever had. Where did this come from?

I had a few martinis at my book signing tonight…perhaps the alcohol they used bought on this horrible nightmare.

I pound profusely at the sides of these confining walls. They’re very strong, its either thick wood or I am buried surrounded by some unknown earth outside these walls-even more confined than I thought.

Kill Bill. Volume 2 I think? It’s the scene Uma Thurman gets buried alive by one of the people she seeks revenge on. I have both on DVDI’ll have to check that when I wake.

Though I’m not waking! I don’t care if its three o’clock in the morning, please GOD just let me wake and I’ll get up and check my DVD collection for this validation.

I would scream, but usually in these nightmares no sound comes out.

Strange how this one is so vivid.

I thought I’ve mastered my nightmares for the most part. Whenever a monster of some sorts or scary man starts stalking me with an eerie smile, I say to myself

“Hey, it’s just a dream!” and I’ll run up to said creature and start acting like a nut, sticking my tongue out, even starting to chase him, making it funny, and that usually works…



It’s a ride me and my brother invented when we went to Disney World one year with our immediate family and cousins. We shoved in a small rental car and thought it would be funny if the Magic Kingdom threw in a ride where as many people as possible get shoved in a car, or roller coaster, and ride in such a state through upside down loops, twists and turns, and greet their respective funny pictures taken at the end.

Making this funny didn’t make me wake up, only distracted me a little bit.

The sweat must be forming a pool by now in which perhaps if I drown would be quicker than this!!! The blood runs thick in my mouth and I let out a gurgled scream after all…


Noise did in fact come out!!! Am I really here???? Is this a nightmare??? Why?

Uma Thurman was seeking revenge…that’s why her character Beatrix Kiddo was in her situation. What did I do??

I wrote a book on my high school bullies….did they read it?

It has become quite a success in a few states…but I used a pseudonym, fake names for each, fake school, hometown….they couldn’t possibly know???

I didn’t make them look all that good…which one of them would do this???

I’m not even sure its would they even get to me? I haven’t talked to them in years. Since high school, to be exact. Didn’t even go to the reunion. Could one or all of them have been at my book signing this evening???

I came home. Got in my bed. Could I have been slipped something in my martini before I left? Or been followed?

I…..time is running out….I can’t figure out how I got here …I just have to get out…

I don’t even have the energy to flail around anymore or scream…things are as dark as my dream…

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