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Get on Your Feet


I caught a preview of this last night at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. It is a delightful rendition of the life of Gloria and Emilio Estefan. It shows the struggles her and her family endured in America as Cubans and the suffering her father went through as a result of the Vietnam war.

The band her and her husband formed Miami Sound Machine had made a “crossover” from the very categorized Latin and fused it with American culture, therefore creating an innovation in music.

It was hard to stay in our chairs as the music is not only a reflection of Gloria’s herself, but songs that were added as a reflection of what was going on in their lives, almost as if it were a musical telling her story.  It shows the progression of Gloria and her family and how her horrific accident affected her life. It was the right kind of humor, sadness, and excitement.

The music was explosive and the “Conga” was started with audience. It was almost like one big party. Definitely would recommend this play as you not only learn a lot of Gloria’s life but it is just plain enjoyable.

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