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Ghosted. It is a term I’ve never heard of up until recently, and this just happened to me last week. It was never a good relationship, hence my entry below. But I have been ghosted. The only other time I was ghosted was twelve years ago, in college, before the term became popular.

This unsettling feeling I had all along that he was unavailable was confirmed when he stopped calling/returning my calls and I found  out years later thanks to his arrogance finding me on social media, that it was because he had a girlfriend the entire time he was with me.

It was some kind of closure at least, even though it came years later. It is the most brutal thing in the world, when someone shares great times with you, for months, and just cuts you off like you’re a fart in the wind, something to wave away and hope to never bother you or come back again.

But this unsettling feeling I had again with this guy all along as well. He would cancel, he would not really make attempts to hang out as much.  Perhaps he met someone else? Perhaps he didn’t see it going anywhere? I’ll never know.

The thing with this happening again is that I’m older, can’t say much wiser being that something was never right with this guy to begin with and I allowed the relationship to go on for months. I know I’m better off without this man. That he is a jerk.

Whereas years ago I blamed myself and questioned what I did wrong, when I found out it had nothing to do with me at all. The acceptance week was the hardest. Last week. When days went by, and I wasn’t hearing from him.

The confirmation sunk in when I finally reached out, saw he read my text and didn’t answer. I was ghosted. I felt that pain for days and now finally woke up this morning with relief, wanting to finally accept and share it with the world. He did me a favor.

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