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He Knows Your Every Need

I’m in constant awe of how God knows what we need or what we will struggle with way before we do and how He uses people to comfort you or meet that need. Here’s two examples from this weekend:

1. I was reading an article about grief and how there’s things we start to forget. I started to panic because I’m so scared of that even though it’s inevitable. I realized I can’t instantly recall exactly what his voice or laugh sounds like and tears spilled down my face because how could that memory of something so so precious already start to fade?!? Well today I got a gift that Bobby had ordered for me. It was a bear with a recording of Layne that plays when you squeeze it. (thank you Mikey for putting that recording together) When I squeeze it in a Layne-like bear hug, it plays the recording of him. It will help me always remember his hug, voice, and his love for me. I’m amazed God worked through Bobby weeks ago because He knew I’d need it in this exact moment.

2. Today in church during one of the prayers a wave of sadness came over me because I kept thinking how I missed how Layne would reach over and hold my hand when we prayed in church. Something so simple, but it always melted my heart. Well during the last prayer of the service Katie reached over and just put her hand on my arm. It meant so much and brought so much comfort. Katie had no idea how much it would mean to me, but I truly believe God laid it on Katie’s heart to do that because I needed just a simple comforting touch.

Thank You, God, for knowing my needs even before I do. Thank You for Your comfort and peace. And thank You for amazing friends who You work through to comfort me and be there for me. You never know how a gift, a hug or a text can mean so much. If you it’s on your heart to do something for someone or reach out to them, DO IT! That may be exactly what that person needed and God is using you to meet that need and comfort that person!

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