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MacBook Airhead

I switched to Mac a year ago from HP. I was pondering the major switch, of course, way before I decided I wanted to learn Adobe Creative Suite to better my WordPress and writing experiences. I chose Mac. Simply because it was prettier. Yes, I’m no computer genius and didn’t at the time need anything but my mind and access the Internet. I had already self-published two books, realizing recently it is a skill I can very much do on my own with the proper training. I had minimal problems, being an HP and Microsoft Windows person for as long as I can remember. I’ve either worked or studied on Dells, and my last laptop was a Sony Vaio, which lasted me faithfully for seven years.

When that finally crashed I figured since my other items were dominated by apple, my ipod and my iPhone, why not get a MacBook air, so I can sync everything? Plus, as I said earlier. It was prettier. Ultimately, Macintosh knew visually to prey on the not-so-tech savvy. So it became a monopoly, even though I’ve tried my mother’s Mac laptop I still was uneasy about the switch.

I was right. I’ve noticed the user-unfriendliness early on while dabbling on others’ Macs but I’d figured the basics I would learn. I was no musician/artist/accountant or basically anyone that would need any fancy programs on my home laptop.

I’ve noticed how difficult even the SIMPLEST thing is on a Mac. To simply click and drag Word onto my desktop, cannot be done from the below panel but you have to go through complicated steps. They of course had to create their own “Command” key aside from the control key, which makes even pressing CRTL + whatever a minor inconvenience, but a huge pain. Having used my laptop a lot, I can say even still learning the simplest thing can add wrinkle to one’s face.

I’m even starting to worry that South Park episode that mocked Apple is accurate. Because there’s “updates” every week and I’m “agreeing” to God-knows-what “terms” because who has time to read every agreement?

But, I just assured myself, that Mac is known for being good with blocking viruses, so when I write my books, blogs, etc., I won’t have to worry. Of course, I got a virus.

This damaged my old user profile (even now writing this I’m uneasy that its going to crash) to the point where I would be using Word and it would crash, and I’d lose my work.

I bought it to Best Buy, in which I had to spend $250 for yearly tech service. The good thing is, that $250 probably bought be limitless visits, which this machine, probably will end up accumulating to much more.

They were baffled, even techies as to how I got this virus. Still I do not know. But they ended up creating a new user profile for me.

My latest headache, I just started a Graphic/Web design program at Pace University, in which I was excited to learn Adobe Creative Suite.

I have only been to two classes. And I’ve only had to download two programs, which of course, are missing panels, and very basic, but IMPORTANT tabs.

Adobe Bridge didn’t come with an “Output Panel” not the Mac version. That is the panel you need to start to create websites. To install the Output Module, here are the steps, quite process.

When I did this, the Output Module didn’t work. Just there, when you click on it, nothing. Being that is the main function to create a web gallery and PDF, I am behind two classes in homework.

Then there is Camera Raw, an extension of Adobe Bridge. Of course Pace University is using HP (probably during class is the only time I’m actually accomplishing anything). The functions differ greatly on Camera Raw on the one I downloaded on my Mac, than the one in class. So relearning would be aggravating, but would still be willing to do it. Except its not possible, these functions are missing altogether. Where is the feather, the brightness? These are the functions you need to retouch a picture!!!!! I’ve watched tutorials trying to see if there is another way. There’s not. These functions are simply not there.

I’ve learned, that “oh, Adobe was created for HP, not Mac.” That’s nice, then they shouldn’t be available on Mac with all the aggravation. I feel sorry for people attending college having invested in a Mac, I really do. Especially if you want to learn programs for graphic design.

Whether this is a conspiracy from Microsoft, or Apple, or both to make the two incompatible, I don’t know. But I’m going to blame Apple. Simply because I’m convinced they are an evil entity. What a shame, with the multi-billion dollar corporation that it would create their products to be so difficult with programs, simply to keep buying theirs.

Now, I’ll see if I can speak with my professor maybe I can work on Pace University computers during off hours, what a shame and not in the comfort of my apartment.

If you are an HP user. DO NOT LEAVE. Have to go leave some hate on an Apple forum now. Good night!

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