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My Emotion Panel: Part 2

Sadness was always the dominant one in that frontal lobe of mine. I would imagine her big blue head popped out of my mother’s cervix right along with mine and she made sure she took that control board and made clear to the others, it was hers most of the time. It was her show in my life, and she was running it. She would try, to turn every little memory ball of mine blue, and occasionally let Joy’s gold ones roll by.

Not to play the violins because complaining is something I tried to stop to defeat my depression years ago. But my Joy, she either wasn’t fully developed, or was defective, or lazy. She is there, I know she is. Because those moments that I’ve laughed so hard with friends until I cried, and the moments that I occasionally see a rainbow or hear the overpowered constant Joy my mother has, it lights my own Joy up a little bit. But my Joy, she is not too active and at times, I even have to try and motivate her out of bed for a pretend trial, because you can’t show up a zombie at work, you can’t show up a zombie in life.

I am not sure what is wrong with her. Genes? Chemical Imbalance? There isn’t exactly an emotion therapist at “Head” quarters. And perhaps Joy wasn’t born defective, she just was overpowered by Sadness, because she does try to sneak in every once in awhile. She does make an effort.

Fear and Anger did not come until much later. Sadness kept me in that shadow and that cloak and it was acceptable as a student but in the workplace you are actually FORCED to deal with people and FORCED to perform in front of others and you must do these things, otherwise you can’t get a paycheck, and you can’t live.

And when your boss yells at you and you want to fire back, Anger comes but you have to suppress him and take it out on your pillow at home. And Disgust, she luckily doesn’t get out of control, but I definitely still carry antibacterial everywhere…

Fear is actually the worst. He has kept me from the very things I’ve wanted to do, to give my all at. I don’t like him. But I feel Sadness and him formed a relationship because she is certainly letting him take the reigns more and more these days. They might have even had a child, the sex is not determined, but I know its name. Its name is Guilt.

I would recommend this movie, actually for even adults moreso than children. Because is fun to imagine what your little emotion people do, who is the strongest and weakest, and to not take the responsibility of your own emotions for once.

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