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Office Envy : Part 2

These things, though infrequent I am thankful for. However having depleted of most of them, they are starting to lose their effect.

Perhaps my mind is TOO cluttered by diving into all these projects only to turn up empty. Perhaps I should dive deep in my mind.

Desperate for some kind of answer, I recently went to a spiritual healer who specializes in helping you tap into “life’s path.” At first I hated her. She spotted my last name and immediately said some distant relative was with us…an aunt? No…a grandmother? Yes I have a dead grandmother. But she proceeded to make excessive hand gestures and spew loud obnoxious Italian stereotypes like “hey!…” and add a vowel the end of every sentence. I immediately shunned her for having pigeonholed my grandmother as such. She was Italian…directly from Italy but she was none of these things. She was very reserved, very quiet and never ever complained.

After the psychic saw I was not amused with this “vision” when I refused to soften my grimace, I thought I’d offer her exactly what I was looking for, because I was not there for connection with the dead but told her flat out I was “looking for my purpose!”

“Ah!” she seemed relieved and grabbed her Tarots and then my $30 for fifteen minutes started to pay off a little. Any “angels” she was connected to seemed to permeate full force through these cards. The very first card she pulled represented creativity.

“I see you writing a book,” she said.

“Wrote two already.”

“Ah, sometimes my tenses are off.”


A couple of more hard card slaps and she seemed to be on roll.

“You need to write more. You are losing confidence, you are losing faith. In order to discover your life’s path you need to write and then you will tap into that way.”

And without knowing it, I smiled.

And she smiled.

“You seem much lighter. Your energy was so sad when you first came in. You need healing, you need to get yourself healthy.”

She then proceeded to sell me her “healing” services which I refused, of course. But I am glad I went to her, for what she said to me about writing, which I had forgotten.

It was kind of a cop out but I think it makes a lot of sense. Just pour out what is in my mind, for me, for you, for…whoever. So cheers to that, and cheers to being intuitive. Writing saved me once before. It should be of no surprise that it will again.

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