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Time Warner Cable-Evil Empire

I made the happiest switch of my life from Time Warner Cable three years ago when I  moved to my apartment. I had Time Warner Cable before and of course in New York it had become something of a monopoly. There were always at least two options in every apartment I had ever been in….Time Warner Cable and some other.  In one of my apartments, in the Upper East Side, there was a choice between TWC and Direct TV, in which the latter would require a satellite dish on top of the building. Having already HATED TWC due to dropped audio, equipment problems, etc. I inquired to the management if it would be alright to stick one on top of the building. They didn’t exactly go for it. When I moved here I had to return my old TWC equipment at a location downtown, in which it was something of a day at the motor vehicles. You take a number….and you wait…just to return something. It was an absolute nightmare. Moving forward to my current location, I have been a happy customer of RCN for three years, and I don’t ever, ever want to go back to Time Warner.

Recently, my grandmother experienced something that had taken Time Warner Cable to a whole new level of evil. I knew they were an empire, I knew they maneuvered themselves into a monopoly in many areas, I knew they were lazy, and careless. But what they did to my sweet little eighty-six-year-old grandmother makes them heartless and nothing short of the Devil.

Many months ago, February began the headaches and sleepless nights of torture inflicted on my grandmother from Time Warner Cable. My grandfather passed away years ago, so she lives alone. She has friends and her family and gets out when she can, but to anyone who is in their late 80s, lets face it, TV is life. It projects magic, it is a distraction from loneliness, and has pulled me out of depression many times.

My grandmother wrote out a check to pay the bill, and what should have been cleared as a little over one hundred dollars, was cleared as a little over seven hundred. I saw the check. The one did look like a seven. But she WROTE OUT in the check clearly, ONE HUNDRED something. I’m thinking two types of idiocracy went on here. Either some lax worker at Time Warner just punched in that number to Chase to withdraw, not looking at the amount of the bill she owed OR the written description of what was owed, or some machine picked up on the number and cleared the check. Either is unacceptable, because such a large amount wouldn’t make sense for a cable bill. My grandmother seeing the empty bank account immediately got on the phone with Chase and Time Warner. Chase credited her the money right away, but Time Warner also sent her a check refunding her the money. My grandmother never received the check. Someone did. And someone cashed it. There is no record, having scoured her bank statements for months, of that money being cleared in her account. It is nowhere to be found, and apparently, Time Warner does not know who did cash that money. Shady in itself, you would think such an empire would keep track of where their checks are cleared?

For months, she received statements that she owed them that money. They shut off her cable on her several times. She (and we) have made personal appearances to Chase, have had several conference calls with Time Warner, to try and tell them my grandmother owes NOTHING. They did not listen.  They were being patronizing, even to us. They tried to convince us that she is elderly, she might have cashed it without knowing. She would know. AND THE BANK STATEMENTS WOULD HAVE PICKED UP ON SUCH A DEPOSIT.

Finally, just last week, and under much duress, without telling us, my grandmother finally paid them the money. Money she does not owe, just to have peace of mind.

We were aggravated with her, but understand why she wouldn’t want to fight this any longer. She is old, she is lonely, and being relentlessly bullied.

My fight is not over. I will try and get to the bottom of this, as well as other family members. DO NOT USE TIME WARNER CABLE. They are bullies and if they can do this to an elderly lady they can do this to you.

We are trying to contact local news stations of this story, if you are experiencing the evils of this company, please do so as well and get your story heard.

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