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We Were All Looking for You

This is a birthday shout out to a Knight. A Knight. The definition of a knight, dictionary wise, would be “a man awarded a nonhereditary title by the sovereign in recognition of merit or service and entitled to use the honorific “Sir” in front of his name.”

This Knight I refer to is no man, and doesn’t stand taller than five feet. She is a warrior without armor. She has been bound, starved, raped, beaten, taunted, and neglected.

She is brave, she is the strongest human being I’ve ever read about.

After reading “Finding Me,”  I will think twice about ever feeling sorry for myself again. I am loved. I am lucky. She, now, thankfully, is the same.

She was the first taken from that horrible demon. I’ll refuse to name him just like she did, in her book, because she claimed monsters do not deserve names.  Newscasters always name the other two first. She was referred to by a cop on the stand at trial as the “other girl” even though she was THE GIRL. Yes. It was the one that was able to bear a child, several that were beaten out of Knight, that had essentially set them free. I’m not discounting either of their experiences. But Michelle Knight was trained in horrible ways, to be an inspiration to us all, and has acted as an older sister to those girls.

Still able to stay positive. Still able to forgive. And give back. Even though nothing was given to her. Nothing.

Therefore I feel it is no mistake, unfortunately that she was born into that family. It was no mistake, that her son was taken away with what was about to happen to his mother.  It was no mistake she was taken, and not looked for. It was no mistake her last name is Knight. What she doesn’t know, what we didn’t know then, was we were all looking for her.

What I define as “we” I’ll start with me. I’ve written a book about being bullied in high school. Michelle was too. That was the least of her problems. There was a time I felt I couldn’t go on. After reading of her survival I feel nothing but ashamed for feeling so, because there is no survivor story greater than hers.

Others that were looking for her, it was the girl who was sexually abused, it was someone who was neglected by their family, it was a victim of domestic violence. All these horrific events happened to one magical person. Morphed into one person, who still chooses to be positive and make sacrifices for others, including her own son.

All those taunts that no one cared for her. They did. Even though we didn’t know it. And we are honored to have found her.

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